18404184_804549036368223_4337846660656010166_oWhat a genius idea.  Our friends at the ASCVB approached us with the prospect of being listed in the inaugural edition of th18422965_803430526480074_7834098202253884712_oe Summit Brew Path.  We thought to ourselves, well a few more people stopping by  would be a welcome addition to our regulars.  Of course we underestimated the response.  We found out real quickly when my friends at A Creative Apothecary called at 10:00 am on the first day saying people were showing up,  although we weren’t scheduled to open until 5pm.  I had them put a note on the door stating we would open early at 3pm.  Ten minutes later I got another, more excited call saying, “Y’all gotta get down here right now!!!”  We got there soon after, and we are still riding the whirlwind.   Stop on down and get your passport stamped.   Don’t worry if you haven’t started, you can stop in and get you passport and your first stamp at Two Monks Brewing Co.